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My name is Donna and I am mother to 4 beautiful girls and wife to an amazingly, handsome, hardworking and dedicated husband. I am born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I graduated from Arizona State University in 2009 with a degree in Marketing and Communications.  I am 1 of 5 children born to two amazing, traditional Chinese parents. I was raised with the quote “love thy brother and thy sister.” Now that I have my own family, I am so grateful for this life lesson which has been ingrained in me.  My mother has always been so nurturing to my siblings and I.  My father owned an operated a small business and he worked endlessly to provide for my 4 siblings and I.  I cannot imagine anyone as hard working as my parents.  I can only aspire to be as great as them.  Our daughters have being such a motivating factor in my desire to start this blog.  Our oldest “lives” life to the fullest, she enjoys new adventures, loves to travel (yes at the age of 4) and she has the most outgoing personality.  Our middle child just turned 3 and she is the definition of “love.” She gives the best hugs 🤗 and is always so empathetic.  I love that I get at least a dozen “I love you’s a day.  Our youngest at 6 months “inspires”us to aim for the stars. She always has the twinkle in her eye and has been quite the go-getter at her ripe age of 6 months. Our girls represent my tag line: “live, love and inspire.” After 10 years spent working in the corporate world (financial and sales) and finally deciding to quit my job and care for my wonderfully, vibrant and energetic little girls, I have reached a point of enlightenment.  It’s almost indescribable how much I have realized about my purpose in this life.  I aspire to raise lively, confident and compassionate girls. I also aim to reach a multitude of readers/listeners who can find their LIGHT within and take away with them a little inspiration and who knows maybe some beauty advice or gain some useful tips to live their life better in this modern age.

Here’s a little about me.  I love fashion. I love to eat clean. I love to work out. I am a daughter of Christ. I love being a mother and wife.  My life goals are to grow mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually through the inspiration of others and life experiences, past, present and future.  Anyone who knows me can tell you I am a bit of a chatterbox.  What can I say I love to share my ideas, ask questions and be the spark that ignites the LIGHT within all!   I am so excited to share my life with you.  I hope you enjoy my content and please feel free to say hello and introduce yourself.

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