Best websites to save: My favorites

When it comes to raising a family, I am quite the frugal one.  Before making an online purchase, I make sure to enter a promo code and strategically shop when FREE shipping is offered to  ensure my maximum savings.  Or if I am in store making a purchase I usually have an app in which I add virtual coupons in order to save more.  As far as vendor credit cards are concerned, I stay away from them unless the rewards program  more than outweighs others. Purchasing on a credit card is best as long as you pay off the balance monthly. It will be a deeper pit if you keep swiping without paying it down. Now member cards such as Ulta Ultimate rewards programs which are not a credit card are great for even additional savings as you garner more points to save on future purchases. Doing a little pre-shopping research can certainly help your family keep monthly expenses inline whether it’s for grocery shopping, shopping for clothes, or even planning recreational activities for your family.  There are many ways to stay within budget and still enjoy a enjoyable lifestyle.

Here are my tips to being a savvy shopper online & in-store:

1. Sign up/subscribe for email updates on deals and promotions for your favorites stores

2. Twitter – Follow you them for specials and upcoming events/promotions

3. Sign up for

4. Clip/download coupons to maximize savings

5. Plan ahead by marking your calendar (Use your calendar on your phone & enter reminders to notify you when the event is coming up.

Also check out Buzzfeed’s list of 32 and Life hacks which has a list of their 30 great sites to save.

A sweet friend recommended a great book by Dave Ramsey’s daughter. It’s called “Love Your Life Not Theirs” by Rachel Cruze.  I highly recommend picking it up. It’s very current and has great advice for how to live debt free.


Its available on Amazon for $16.82.
Remember you don’t have to sacrifice fun, just keep in mind you don’t have to pay full price for everything!

How do you save?  Are there any sites you use to save on purchases?  Please share!