So here I am 7 months postpartum. With 3 little girls in tow, I must say we are on a better schedule and I am ready to get fit physically and mentally.  Being only 5’5 in stature with a husband that is 6’5, I surprisingly am quite strong, however I would like to build more upper body strength and at the same time get more toned.  Currently, I have been able to set apart 30 minutes each morning and each night to do yoga.   With a husband still in school and I being the primary caregiver, I have come to the attitude that I will not allow myself to justify the “I can’t” but will do my best with the time that I have available.  By including my little ones in my daily routine, I find that it is not only fun for them but also motivating at the same time.  This is a great way to show them how to live healthy and make it a routine.   I believe the best way to live a healthy lifestyle is being informed and having a great support system.   Being able to establish a healthy lifestyle includes making nutritious, yet healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy and also incorporating a way to exercise on a regular basis.  Being mindful of our daily habits and lifestyle can truly make a huge impact on achieving those fitness goals.

As I was browsing fitness tips, I came across this great infographic on  that describes 4 quinessential areas of our life in which we can be more mindful of:

  1. Mindful Walking
  2. Mindful Breathing
  3. Mindful Eating
  4. Mindful Attitude


Mindful Lifestyle.jpg

May we all be more mindful each day and allow ourselves to set realistic goals to better our daily lives.

Yoga with me.jpg

What are some mindful changes you have or are working on in order to achieve your fitness goals?