Air Quality: How clean is your air?

We seldom think about our indoor air quality in our homes or workplace.  A few years back, we had our roof and attic insulation replaced (prompting a 3 month forced staycation) followed by our a/c unit going out (right in the middle of the AZ triple digit summer).  That will be a story for another time.   After several weeks of countless visits from contractors, our a/c unit was repaired, our insulation was redone and we received a brand NEW roof on our quaint, semi modernized home.  Thankfully, we stepped foot into our newly roofed abode but something just didn’t seem right.  Our home just didn’t seem the same.  There seemed to be lingering particles in the air from all the old insulation that was extracted, and a musky smell resonating.  My husband shoo’d us out and said the air was bad.  We immediately went and purchased 3 different air purifiers for our home and ran them nonstop for a few days and boy did it make a HUGE difference.   Whether you’ve had demolition work in your home (For ex. a bathroom remodel), live in a desert like us (good old Grand Canyon State) or have or  have kids with allergies, there are tons of pollutants in our atmosphere that can affect your health.  You may want to re-evaluate the indoor air quality of your home.

Before you head outdoors, you can check the air quality in your neighborhood right on

My advice is looking into a VOC and/or HEPA air filter/purifier or getting some plants to better your air quality for you and your family. Consider a good quality air purifier like the Rabbit Air HEPA or an indoor air purifying plant like THESE reccommended by BlessMyWeeds   May we purify our homes as well as purify our minds each and every day ❤