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My Easter Favorites

Shop our Easter deals today! is one of my favorite places to order clothes and miscellaneous items. offers daily deals that are up 80% OFF original boutique prices. If you haven’t heard about it, check it out.  There are so many stylish clothing, accessories, home decor, baby, kids and other miscellaneous items that are available to choose from. Another perk is the prices are also very affordable.

Daily Boutique Deals

I love how they have the most trendiest styles and just in time for Spring pieces

Here are my favorite items from

To make a purchase simply CLICK THE TEXT LINKS BELOW, choose your size and/or color and add the item to your bag.

$1.99 + $2.99 Shipping | Bow Headbands |88 colors

$24.99 Mommy and me dress 

$40.48 Black Sands Floral dress shipped

$16.99. Summer floral midi dress (great paired with a light cardigan) | FREE SHIPPING
Wrap Floral Dress

$26.99 Wrap Floral Dress


$15.99 – Striped Short Sleeve Tee | S – XL

$24.99 – The Zoe Peplum Criss Cross Top




$7.99 – Live Love Teach T-Shirts *Teachers this is for YOU*

$13.95 – Pillow Covers | Gorgeous Fabrics


Spring Floral Dress / 7 Sizes
$19.99 Girls Spring Floral Dress

$12.50 Easter and Spring Rompers

$7.99 – Daddy & Me Ties Blowout


$14.99 Infinity Belt

$9.49 Adjustable Suspenders Baby-Youth

$12.99 – Girls Pearl Detail Sandals

$9.99 – Baby/Toddler Pillow | Protection from Flat Head Syndrome

$4.99 Classic Single Pearl drop necklace


Daily Boutique Deals


Businesses Let’s Collaborate!!



Businesses!!  If you have a product or service that you would like me to try, test and feature, please fill out the form below or send me an email and let’s collaborate.  Here is a list of products or services I am interested in

  • Modest clothing
  • Modest swimwear
  • Athleisure wear
  • Electronics
  • Books
  • Organic makeup
  • Organic skin products
  • Organic food/drink
  • Organic baby food
  • Home decor
  • Special event services
  • Special deals/promotions/contests

I would like to share products which are good for YOU and ME.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.



It’s OFFICIAL our family is GROWING!

Yes that’s right our family of 5 will be expecting our 4th little princess coming this New Year. We have been quite busy the past couple months so here’s a little recap.

29 week bump

It’s a…..nother girl 🎀🎀🎀🎀 🌸💜 We are all thrilled!

Visit to Utah for grandpa’s 75th surprise birthday party

AZ State Fair

My birthday

Ella’s Primary Program


Halloween @ the Hills

Our 6th Wedding Anniversay @ the JW Marriot

Life sure is going to get quite busy, busier than it is as we get closer to our due date. As we approach the holidays, I want to do my best to share the best deals on fashion, baby products and organic Health, beauty and wellness buys so we can all stay up to date on trends and Health.


Fall Update

Happy Fall everyone!! I hope you are all excited for Fall as I. I believe we are out of triple digits weather because Arizona summers sure are brutal. So while I have a moment free (which has been rare lately), I just wanted to share an update with you all on what’s going on with our lives since I’ve taken a short hiatus from blogging. Ella started Kindergarten in August. My hubby graduated in May and passed the boards at the end of August. Everly our youngest turned 1. I have taken a more active role in homeschooling our 3 year old. It’s truly amazing how being a stay at home mom has shaped me. I find myself getting up around quite early around 5am (reminds me of the working fulltime days, except it was a 4am wake up) and much more ahead of household chores these days which I absolutely love. A clean, organized house truly does makes this mommy a happy camper 😄 Dropping off and picking up our oldest sure does require more time then I would like. Although it’s nice to have some relaxing time listening to some good old country or some soft rock while planning dinner on my phone while the younger 2 are home with dad and I wait to pick up. This year as I get closer to my birthday, I surprisingly don’t feel the dreadful feeling of “oh my I am aging” but am reflecting on how much I’ve grown intrinsically as a wife, a mother and a individual. My patience has slowly grown as being a domestic housewife and mother comes with endless possibilities. To be entirely honest I still need a lot of improvement in that area but slowly but surely I hope it will grow. The zealous taskmaster in me is still quite active even more so as I continue to add to my to-do list. Does it ever end?! But what would I do with myself if I didn’t keep busy. So I have been in deep thought and decided that my time is going to be devoted to the “more meaningful aspects” of my life first and then will come all other constants.

Time with our children

We hear it ever so often, time flies, yet how do we manage to soak up all those sweet moments with our little ones? What has allowed me to cherish and spend more quality time with our girls, is getting my cleaning and chores done early so I get to provide more mommy time when it’s family time. I was taught early on that work comes first then play. This really works for our family. I will admit I am quite meticulous about keeping our home clean. Though messes still happen, I know if I get it clean now, I will be able to dedicate ALL of ME to my children after. Keeping arts and crafts and activities readily available for them also helps keep them from “mommy I’m bored.” Giving hugs are my best way to show them I care and comfort them. Our middle child is a great example of tender love as she will be saying “mommy I love you” throughout the day. It’s one of the sweetest moments I live for.

Visit family & friends

I have to admit I am very fortunate to live in the same state as most of my family however I was lousy at visiting my parents, grandparents and family in general. This fall I plan to make time to visit my love ones because it’s dear to my heart to be there and let them know I care for them and just being able to spend that time together is priceless. I mean compared to being a fulltimer in the workforce, I now have the availability to visit with them. Which reminds me I need to get going on my Visiting teaching too. The joy I saw in my grandmothers eyes and we surprise visited her this past week was truly touching. She saw a minivan pull up and immediately threw on her slippers and walked out and didn’t want us to leave. It reminded me that we all should put more of an role in visiting with people we love and care for. The companionship, conversation and or just seeing great grandkids can bring about such great joy in a person 😊

Embracing the now

Life really feels like it passes me by when I am always thinking about what is next. So these days I have a cherish and embrace the “now.” Watching my children play and interact with each other, engulfing myself into whatever we are doing and most importantly putting down the phone is so key. Asking about how someone’s day was and listening more has enabled me to be more engaged in our life. My calendar is a great way to keep me on speed with upcoming events, holidays, trips, special occasions so I am not caught off guard with anything. I look at my calendar on a daily basis. All over the world, there seems to be unrest with natural disasters such as hurricanes destroying homes and political unrest with rallies and marches, we need to be thankful of all the good we have and do our best to pray, lend a hand and support the ones in need to hopefully curb the negativity and promote peace and togetherness. Who knows what is to come, but what I know is that I will spend each quality moment now loving my children and teaching them to be kind so they do the same.

Reassurance in “MYSELF”

We are have been there, we carry so many responsibilities that many times we get burnt out and forget that we are important too. Many times we do things with no recognition, we seek no reward but we do it because it’s innate. We do SO much, yet rarely there is a thank you. Here is where you can appreciate yourself and know that you are an amazing mother/father/caregiver, homemaker, breadwinner, comforter. So many roles that we hold, that make a HUGE difference even though they may seem small. We all have a purpose in life and it’s the journey we go throughly we learn and grow that enables us to do our best to fulfill that purpose. Each and everyone can also help lift others up, but don’t be discouraged and most importantly know that you are worth it. As we do something for another, we show our love for them. Beginning with loving thyself allows us to open our hearts to love others. So start each day with a positive thought and a compliment to yourself and then spread the love to the ones around you 💞

I plan to get back into blogging at least once a week and would love suggestions on topics, so feel free to drop a comment or even a hello and let me know where you are from. Let us be each other’s wind in our sails ⛵️


Fruits and vegetables that freeze well 

Life gets busy, I am sure you can relate. When it’s come to food waste, we can all be guilty of tossing out expired or rotten food. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, many can actually be frozen to use for later, especially for smoothies. 

According to the Frozen Food Foundation, $162 billion worth of food is wasted per year!! Unbelievable!! Think about how many hungry mouths those could feed!! Think about 3rd world countries.

After much research and watching documentaries on going plant based, my husband and I realize how important it is to chose wisely what we put in our bodies. We have not went entirely plant-based yet, however that’s direction we would like to go in the near future.  Without a doubt we all including our 3 children love our fruits and vegetables, so I decided to start living more economically by figuring out ways to conserve and elongate the longevity of certain foods that can be safely preserved via the freezer. 

Here are the fruits & vegetables that freeze well and freezer life with each

The Full Plate Guide also has a great way to keeping fruits and vegetables longer! 

Here a great “Can you freeze it guide”

Happy freezing to all and to all a healthy life! 

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The latest trends & Styles you’ll love

New Arrivals Daily!

One Fine Day Floral Dress in Navy


Ocean Waves Floral Print Dress


Be Mine Floral Print Dress


floral boutique dress with pockets


Springtime Garden Floral Print Wrap Dress


Tropical Paradise Floral Print High-Low Wrap Dress


Flower Print Midi Dress  $24.99

Maddy Floral Maxi | 5 Colors  $22.99

Cinch Waist Floral Midi!  $23.99

Mock Neck Floral Dress | S-3XL | 4 Colors  $23.99

Floral Peplum Top!    $23.99

Floral V-Neck Tunic  $16.99

Striped Dolphin Hem Tunic | 5 colors  $12.99

Men’s Floral Skinny Ties  $9.99

Daily Boutique Deals

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Mother’s Day gift ideas – Amazon Great Buys

How can you make your mother feel special?   Mothers I know are always thinking of others.  This Mother’s Day, let us shower our mother’s with love and something special.

Mother’s Day is Sunday April 14, 2017

Here are some great gifts for mothers:


Product Details

18k Yellow Gold and Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Two Tone Diamond Accent Leaf Lever Back Earrings    $49.55

Product Details

Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia and Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings   $54.67

Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Round Champagne Cubic Zirconia 7mm and White Cubic Zirconia Lever Back Stud Earrings

Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Round Champagne Cubic Zirconia 7mm and White Cubic Zirconia Lever Back Stud Earrings  $30.00

Product Details

Rebecca Minkoff Stone Mix Pulley Bracelet    $50.16

Product Details

Satya Jewelry Peridot Rose Charm Bracelet      $89.00

Product Details

Kris Nations Arrow Necklace   $42.00

Product Details

10K Gold Dainty Swarovski Elements Birthstone Pendant with Gold Filled Chain   $26.06

Product Details

Michael Kors Rose Gold Tone Heart Lock Ring, Size 7

Michael Kors Rose Gold Tone Heart Lock Ring, Size 7   $65


Lancome La Vie Est Belle L'Eau Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.4 Ounce

Lancome La Vie Est Belle L’Eau Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.4 Ounce    $81.84

La Vie Est Belle L'eau De Parfum (50 Ml/1.7 Oz)

La Vie Est Belle L’eau De Parfum (50 Ml/1.7 Oz)     $64.19

BURBERRY Body for Women Eau de Parfum, 2.8 oz

BURBERRY Body for Women Eau de Parfum    $105.00

STELLA McCARTNEY Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 3.3 Fluid Ounce

STELLA McCARTNEY Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 3.3 Fluid Ounce   $61.15





Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush w/Deep Clean Mode with Adaptive Clean Brush Head, Pink

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush w/Deep Clean Mode with Adaptive Clean Brush Head, Pink    $180.50

Primitives By Kathy Box Sign: The World Is Full of Moms but You're My Favorite One

Primitives By Kathy Box Sign: The World Is Full of Moms but You’re My Favorite One   $12.24

Amazon Echo – Black    $179.99

The Wellness Mama Cookbook: 200 Easy-to-Prepare Recipes and Time-Saving Advice for the Busy Cook by [Wells, Katie]

The Wellness Mama Cookbook: 200 Easy-to-Prepare Recipes and Time-Saving Advice for the Busy Cook Kindle Edition    $15.99

From You Flowers - One Dozen Rainbow Roses (Free Vase Included)

From You Flowers – One Dozen Rainbow Roses (Free Vase Included)    $22.99

Gift your moms with love this Mother’s Day with these great Amazon buys!!



Mother’s Day Reflection

I always had a sentimental regard for my mother and maternal and paternal grandmother, however not until I became a mother of three vibrant little girls did I fully experience the most incredible sense of joyful sacrifice.  We are all familiar with the act of sacrificing some thing, some situation or something tangible and how it makes me feel bereaved and even slightly depressed.  For me the sacrifices I made to become a mother were true blessings in disguise.  I was raised with education being a key element to success and a rewarding career.  That was my aspiration early in my childhood and I know my parents had sincere intentions.  We rarely talked about dating let alone finding love.  It seemed to be a scary topic to discuss dating with my parents so I never did.  I just remember being told to focus and stay in track, I never even thought to veer off track. So fast forward to college, a unhealthy relationship, then landing a great position before I graduated ASU and then graduating, I found I had achieved my life goals! Suddenly, I had completed my B.S. and was working in corporate America.  So was this it?!  I felt something was missing.

Post Motherhood

Fast forward 2 years later and I meet a timid, soft-spoken, 6’5 handsome fellow that opened up my eyes to what I had been missing.  With all the hustle and bustles of chasing after that college degree and climbing up that ladder of never ending workforce, I hadn’t thought about my role as a wife and mother or whether finding Mr Right-for-me was possible.  Yet it was!  We both knew how central family was on this journey we lived.  We got married and soonafter our first was born.


Her I am now a mother of 3, a family of 5.  Am I telling you being a mother is cakewalk? No. Am I telling you to go out there and get married and have kids?  No.  What I am telling you is that Motherhood changes your WHOLE being.  For me even with those difficult days where you seemed to have done nothing but play with your children, it’s worth it!  It’s worth every second!  Motherhood comes with frustration, impatience and exhaustion.  Just ask any mom, working or stay-at-home (I have done both).  Yet the moments you realize, “What is my purpose in this life?”  This is not a question I can answer for you but for me, I have no question why Motherhood chose me.

Support One Another

In this modern age, we must all let go of the divide between us.  Yes we all are in different situations, but as mother’s we need to realize that supporting one another in this ride is what enables each other to grow and become our best possible self.  Our world needs kindness, we need compassion and great examples for charity. Mothers are the epitome of selflessness. For those who are not mothers, think about how your mother or a motherly figure has shaped your life.  We as women, have endless opportunities to reach out and help someone in need.  May we show appreciation for our mothers, grandmothers and women in our lives.  Christlike love can allow us to love unconditionally and spread positivity and kindness to those who need it.  I have a testimony that motherhood has truly brought out a kind of unconditional love that has no boundaries.  The moment a child says “I love you” is the moment you realize what life is about.  Mothers need to unite and lift each other up.  Many mothers rarely get anytime to themselves.

Here are some ways to help a fellow mother:

  1. Visit with them – Sometimes adult conversation is a great change of pace
  2. Offer to babysit for a few hours
  3. Bring a gift for just mom
  4. Offer to come over and help around the house (chores are never ending)
  5. Be kind and offer compliments

As Mother’s Day is approaching let us remind ourselves all the sacrifices mothers make and appreciate them for all they do for us.

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Optimize your day with a glass of Bod•ē Pro Happy

Header Bode Happy

I recently came across a supplement that is designed to promote productivity, focus and alertness and support cognitive function called Bod•ē Pro Happy thanks to my friend Jennifer. I am so happy to try this product due to the fact that it boasts 3 very essential parts of my life.   As a stay at home mother of 3, I welcome any opportunity to boost my energy and improve my mental and physical well being in order to make my days productive and overall enjoyable.  So I decided to place an order for a FREE Sample of Happy.

What is Bod•ē Pro Happy?

Bod•ē Pro Happy is specifically designed to promote productivity, focus, alertness and support cognitive function, while increasing one’s energy.* The way you feel affects so many things in your day. Work, family, relationships, workouts — when you think about it, doesn’t everything go just a little bit better when you’re happy? Say hello to Bod•ē Happy. It’s something new, and something you’ll want to try. The new part is a new, exploding category of natural supplements popular in Europe called nootropics. Bod•ē Happy is a delicious way to gain that mental advantage in a demanding world of multi-tasking. | A Culture of Happy People

 What does Bod•ē Pro Happy consist of ?

Bode Happy Ingredients

How can Bod•ē Pro Happy help me?

3 Benefits

How do I take Bod•ē Pro Happy?

Pour contents of the Bod•ē Happy concentrate into 12-14 fl oz or more of cold, purified water. Shake well and often. As a dietary supplement, take one daily. *

Glass of Happy

Where can I get a FREE Sample?

Free Sample of Bode

My experience with Bod•ē Pro Happy

I received my free sample of Bod•ē Pro Happy in the mail within 3 business days of ordering.  I decided to take it early in the morning after I woke up, brushed my teeth and prepared myself for the day.  I emptied the supplement into a glass of 14 ounces of cold water and gave it a very thorough stir.  Only 10 minutes of drinking the refreshingly strawberry lemon flavored drink, I felt my energy level immediately heighten!   I made breakfast for my girls and proceeded to get my daily chores done quite efficiently compared to other days.  We also had swim lessons for both my eldest daughters, back to back.  Not to mention, swim lessons were 35 minutes away in rush hour traffic.  Not only did I get my girls there on time but ran around ensuring everyone including baby was cared for!  Once we were home, I bathed all 3 girls, vacuum’ the entire house, made dinner and then did 3 loads of laundry!!  My productivity surely accelerated yesterday.  My metabolism also seems to have sped up.  I noticed a feeling as if I just did a 3-day toxic cleanse leaving my body more regulated and my digestion even more efficient.   I look forward to seeing how this supplement will help support my exterior (healthy hair, skin and nails).  I have so far been able to multi-task quite effortlessly which comes hand-in-hand with being a housewife and primary caregiver to 3 wonderfully energetic little girls.  I would highly recommend you try a FREE sample and see how HAPPY can change your day.

*If you are pregnant or nursing, or have a medical condition (including a liver condition), consult your healthcare professional before taking this product. Not recommended for children under 18 years old, individuals who frequently take alcoholic beverages, or those who get an allergic reaction. Do not use if safety seal is broken. Keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. *

Health and Wellness


So here I am 7 months postpartum. With 3 little girls in tow, I must say we are on a better schedule and I am ready to get fit physically and mentally.  Being only 5’5 in stature with a husband that is 6’5, I surprisingly am quite strong, however I would like to build more upper body strength and at the same time get more toned.  Currently, I have been able to set apart 30 minutes each morning and each night to do yoga.   With a husband still in school and I being the primary caregiver, I have come to the attitude that I will not allow myself to justify the “I can’t” but will do my best with the time that I have available.  By including my little ones in my daily routine, I find that it is not only fun for them but also motivating at the same time.  This is a great way to show them how to live healthy and make it a routine.   I believe the best way to live a healthy lifestyle is being informed and having a great support system.   Being able to establish a healthy lifestyle includes making nutritious, yet healthy meals that the whole family can enjoy and also incorporating a way to exercise on a regular basis.  Being mindful of our daily habits and lifestyle can truly make a huge impact on achieving those fitness goals.

As I was browsing fitness tips, I came across this great infographic on  that describes 4 quinessential areas of our life in which we can be more mindful of:

  1. Mindful Walking
  2. Mindful Breathing
  3. Mindful Eating
  4. Mindful Attitude


Mindful Lifestyle.jpg

May we all be more mindful each day and allow ourselves to set realistic goals to better our daily lives.

Yoga with me.jpg

What are some mindful changes you have or are working on in order to achieve your fitness goals?

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Best Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund

Have you received your tax refund yet? As an affiliate, I am notified of the latest sales, deals and promotions and the newest products available before everyone else! That way I can help you save the most!

Here are some great ways to spend it and save at the same time.

40% off living room furniture PLUS an additional 10% OFF with

Promo Code: REFUND

Target Furn Save 40

20% Outdoor living

Target Outdoor living 20 OFF

Spend $75 and SAVE $15 on clothes, shoes and accessories for everyone in your family!!

Target Clothes Spend 75 Save 15

Buy 3 Echo Dots, SAVE $20 – Have one in each room! FREE SHIPPING wit Amazon Prime

Echo Dot

Amazon Prime Save 5 Percent.jpg

These are some great finds for the home just in time for Spring

Skyline Custom Upholstered Nail Button Tufted Wingback Bed – King, Linen Talc 15203957
Original Price: $999.99
Sale Price: $799.20

Safavieh Safi Dhurry Rug, Grey/Ivory 17351802
Original Price: $159.99
Sale Price $119.99

Kaleidoscope Mini Set with Storage Tote – Black/Gray (Twin Extra Long), Gray Black White 17008518
Original Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $74.99

Windham Tall Storage Cabinet with Drawer black – Threshold 16508094
Original Price: $249.99
Sale Price: $174.99

Saveaha Nightstand – Light Beige – Signature Design By Ashley 51913590
Sale Price: $189.99

Bordeaux Eggshell Fabric Ottoman Eggshell – Christopher Knight Home 17455117
Original Price: $439.99
Sale Price: $263.99

Parson Dining Chair Wood/Teal (Blue) Geo (Set of 2) – HomePop 49162694
Sale Price: $229.99

Cocktail Rectangular Table Brown – Steve Silver Co. 21445793
Original Price: $319.99
Sale Price: $223.99

Tara Stripe Light Blocking Curtain Panel Ivory (50″x95″) – Eclipse 51666977
Original Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $$25.49

Thermal Shield Jardin Thermal Lined Room Darkening Faux Silk- Embroidered Curtain Panel – Blue (54″x63″) 18807176
Original Price: $27.99
Sale Price: $23.79

Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby, White 51508525
Sale Price: $24.99

KitchenAid Classic Mixing Bowls Set of 3 White 51872538
Sale Price: $25.99

I hope you find some great ways to spend your tax refund this year!