It’s OFFICIAL our family is GROWING!

Yes that’s right our family of 5 will be expecting our 4th little princess coming this New Year. We have been quite busy the past couple months so here’s a little recap.

29 week bump

It’s a…..nother girl 🎀🎀🎀🎀 🌸💜 We are all thrilled!

Visit to Utah for grandpa’s 75th surprise birthday party

AZ State Fair

My birthday

Ella’s Primary Program


Halloween @ the Hills

Our 6th Wedding Anniversay @ the JW Marriot

Life sure is going to get quite busy, busier than it is as we get closer to our due date. As we approach the holidays, I want to do my best to share the best deals on fashion, baby products and organic Health, beauty and wellness buys so we can all stay up to date on trends and Health.

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