Fall Update

Happy Fall everyone!! I hope you are all excited for Fall as I. I believe we are out of triple digits weather because Arizona summers sure are brutal. So while I have a moment free (which has been rare lately), I just wanted to share an update with you all on what’s going on with our lives since I’ve taken a short hiatus from blogging. Ella started Kindergarten in August. My hubby graduated in May and passed the boards at the end of August. Everly our youngest turned 1. I have taken a more active role in homeschooling our 3 year old. It’s truly amazing how being a stay at home mom has shaped me. I find myself getting up around quite early around 5am (reminds me of the working fulltime days, except it was a 4am wake up) and much more ahead of household chores these days which I absolutely love. A clean, organized house truly does makes this mommy a happy camper 😄 Dropping off and picking up our oldest sure does require more time then I would like. Although it’s nice to have some relaxing time listening to some good old country or some soft rock while planning dinner on my phone while the younger 2 are home with dad and I wait to pick up. This year as I get closer to my birthday, I surprisingly don’t feel the dreadful feeling of “oh my I am aging” but am reflecting on how much I’ve grown intrinsically as a wife, a mother and a individual. My patience has slowly grown as being a domestic housewife and mother comes with endless possibilities. To be entirely honest I still need a lot of improvement in that area but slowly but surely I hope it will grow. The zealous taskmaster in me is still quite active even more so as I continue to add to my to-do list. Does it ever end?! But what would I do with myself if I didn’t keep busy. So I have been in deep thought and decided that my time is going to be devoted to the “more meaningful aspects” of my life first and then will come all other constants.

Time with our children

We hear it ever so often, time flies, yet how do we manage to soak up all those sweet moments with our little ones? What has allowed me to cherish and spend more quality time with our girls, is getting my cleaning and chores done early so I get to provide more mommy time when it’s family time. I was taught early on that work comes first then play. This really works for our family. I will admit I am quite meticulous about keeping our home clean. Though messes still happen, I know if I get it clean now, I will be able to dedicate ALL of ME to my children after. Keeping arts and crafts and activities readily available for them also helps keep them from “mommy I’m bored.” Giving hugs are my best way to show them I care and comfort them. Our middle child is a great example of tender love as she will be saying “mommy I love you” throughout the day. It’s one of the sweetest moments I live for.

Visit family & friends

I have to admit I am very fortunate to live in the same state as most of my family however I was lousy at visiting my parents, grandparents and family in general. This fall I plan to make time to visit my love ones because it’s dear to my heart to be there and let them know I care for them and just being able to spend that time together is priceless. I mean compared to being a fulltimer in the workforce, I now have the availability to visit with them. Which reminds me I need to get going on my Visiting teaching too. The joy I saw in my grandmothers eyes and we surprise visited her this past week was truly touching. She saw a minivan pull up and immediately threw on her slippers and walked out and didn’t want us to leave. It reminded me that we all should put more of an role in visiting with people we love and care for. The companionship, conversation and or just seeing great grandkids can bring about such great joy in a person 😊

Embracing the now

Life really feels like it passes me by when I am always thinking about what is next. So these days I have a cherish and embrace the “now.” Watching my children play and interact with each other, engulfing myself into whatever we are doing and most importantly putting down the phone is so key. Asking about how someone’s day was and listening more has enabled me to be more engaged in our life. My calendar is a great way to keep me on speed with upcoming events, holidays, trips, special occasions so I am not caught off guard with anything. I look at my calendar on a daily basis. All over the world, there seems to be unrest with natural disasters such as hurricanes destroying homes and political unrest with rallies and marches, we need to be thankful of all the good we have and do our best to pray, lend a hand and support the ones in need to hopefully curb the negativity and promote peace and togetherness. Who knows what is to come, but what I know is that I will spend each quality moment now loving my children and teaching them to be kind so they do the same.

Reassurance in “MYSELF”

We are have been there, we carry so many responsibilities that many times we get burnt out and forget that we are important too. Many times we do things with no recognition, we seek no reward but we do it because it’s innate. We do SO much, yet rarely there is a thank you. Here is where you can appreciate yourself and know that you are an amazing mother/father/caregiver, homemaker, breadwinner, comforter. So many roles that we hold, that make a HUGE difference even though they may seem small. We all have a purpose in life and it’s the journey we go throughly we learn and grow that enables us to do our best to fulfill that purpose. Each and everyone can also help lift others up, but don’t be discouraged and most importantly know that you are worth it. As we do something for another, we show our love for them. Beginning with loving thyself allows us to open our hearts to love others. So start each day with a positive thought and a compliment to yourself and then spread the love to the ones around you 💞

I plan to get back into blogging at least once a week and would love suggestions on topics, so feel free to drop a comment or even a hello and let me know where you are from. Let us be each other’s wind in our sails ⛵️

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