Fruits and vegetables that freeze well 

Life gets busy, I am sure you can relate. When it’s come to food waste, we can all be guilty of tossing out expired or rotten food. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, many can actually be frozen to use for later, especially for smoothies. 

According to the Frozen Food Foundation, $162 billion worth of food is wasted per year!! Unbelievable!! Think about how many hungry mouths those could feed!! Think about 3rd world countries.

After much research and watching documentaries on going plant based, my husband and I realize how important it is to chose wisely what we put in our bodies. We have not went entirely plant-based yet, however that’s direction we would like to go in the near future.  Without a doubt we all including our 3 children love our fruits and vegetables, so I decided to start living more economically by figuring out ways to conserve and elongate the longevity of certain foods that can be safely preserved via the freezer. 

Here are the fruits & vegetables that freeze well and freezer life with each

The Full Plate Guide also has a great way to keeping fruits and vegetables longer! 

Here a great “Can you freeze it guide”

Happy freezing to all and to all a healthy life! 

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