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Hello and welcome to my site!  Never have I ever imagined such an opportunity to share my feelings, advice and daily life online.  I have always been the talkative, outgoing and friendly gal who strived to do her best in all she would do.  After having 3 beautiful little girls and finally deciding to quit my job and stay home, I came to a point where I found myself lost in my own identity.  I am a mother, but what other association do I have?  As I began to ponder about what my purpose in this life was, I reminded myself I am SO much!  As a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend, I have so much great titles to be honored with.  The most important is being a daughter of God.  At that very moment, I felt a huge prompting to do something about this amazing eye opening experience.  I am so blessed with the opportunity to be a wife to my handsome, goofy yet the most supportive and caring husband I could ask for.  He is so protective of our girls and I and is always working on improving something in our home.  Being a mother to all girls, talk about emotions galore!  I love how they have changed me in so many ways.    My patience, attention to detail and clean living choices have grown.  Who would have thought there was so many toxic ingredients in body soap, beauty products and even cleaning agents!!   Every decision I make involves MY FAMILY and what’s best for our household.  I am truly grateful for all the many blessings and trials that have come my way and I thought I must make my own “plates” and because it’s modern day to keep a journal online,   Here it is!   My life, my ups and my downs, my daily inspirations and my life goals.  Sometimes pictures do speak volumes, but there’s something very special about putting my thoughts on paper or rather WordPress.   So let the journaling, sharing and inspiring begin!   I would love to hear your ideas on types of topics to write about, feel free to comment below!  


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